"In November 2015 Whirlpool Ireland conducted consumer research which revealed that 2 in 5 Irish people are skipping hot evening meals this winter as we don’t have the time to cook and a massive 73% of us say we feel time poor in the evening, juggling priorities to fit in the evening’s activities. In response to these time pressures, a host of new smart technologies are being introduced in the home to ease the evening workload.
Whirlpool has introduced a new 6th Sense Ready 2 Cook Technology that can heat an oven to optimal temperature literally at the touch of button, rather than waiting up to 15 minutes to fully heat up.
Celebrity chef and Whirlpool ambassador Catherine Fulvio has used Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Technology for the past year in both her home and cookery school, and is thrilled with the positive impact it’s had on both her cooking and time management.
Catherine said: “There’s a huge passion for cooking and for good food in Ireland, but we know that people are struggling to fit it all into their busy lives. Whirlpool appliances halve the time my dough needs to rise, which means I can put fresh bread on the table in much less time. I can even bake perfect scones in the microwave – so for families who love to cook it’s an investment I’d definitely recommend. My children come in starving from school every day and having their dinner on the table in less time is a great start to the evening.’
Time saving technologies can also result in cost savings, as they don’t need to be used for as long as regular appliances. Economist John Lowe, the Money Doctor, has endorsed the inclusion of smart appliances as a clever cost saving strategy in the home.
John said: “While the initial outlay for a new oven may seem daunting, if it results in over an hour less usage per week, you can easily see how the energy saving turns into extra pennies in your pocket. I’m often asked how to make little savings to impact the household budget, and this is a perfect example of how to do so. Smart use of smart technologies are a simple way to create savings – not just in your energy bill but of your valuable time too!” "

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