Universal FHC009 2-in-1 Grease & Carbon Filter (470 x 570mm)

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Keep your cooker hood in full working order by regularly changing the filter! When cooking food, as we all know moisture and odours escape into the atmosphere. The Universal FHC009 2-in-1 Grease & Carbon Filter is important for removing odours whilst the hood is recirculating air around the kitchen. It does this by absorbing moisture, grease and smoke while you cook, making it particularly important if your hood does not have outside venting. Made using self-extinguishing material and high absorption active carbon, it captures and eliminates unpleasant odours released by the steam from cooked food. You ideally need to replace the filters in your cooker hood every 3 to 12 months, depending on how much you like to cook. Some filters have a colour change system to indicate when they need to be changed. When the filters become clogged it is important to change them with the Universal FHC009 2-in-1 Grease & Carbon Filter as soon as possible because your hood won't function to the best of its ability, as the motor will have to 'labour'. You can cut the filters in this kit to the exact size to fit your cooker hood. The following are signs that the filters may need replacing: o Odours are not being trapped as effectively as before.
o Smoke is not being extracted efficiently.
o The filter is filled with dirt and has become saturated

Cooker Hood Maintenance Tips
1. Change your filters as soon as they have reached saturation. They will no longer be useful at this point.
2. Duct the fumes to the outside air in the summer.
3. Use the cooker hood in recirculating mode in the winter. If your cooker hood's efficiency is falling and it isn't removing smoke and grease particles from your kitchen's air properly, then use this Universal FHC009 2-in-1 Grease & Carbon Filter to restore your cooker hood's efficiency. Specification:

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