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If your washing machine door isn't closing properly, or is leaking water, then the door seal might need replacing. Use this Whirlpool replacement Door Seal to make sure that your washing machine door is in working condition. How to replace the washing machine door seal 1: Remove the retaining band that holds the door seal against the front of the washing machine. Some can be prized off with a screwdriver, whilst others have a fastening
2: Once the outer retaining band is removed, then pull away the seal.
3: Fit the new seal, making sure that the drain holes at bottom. Make sure that it's all fixed on securely.
4: Finally, attach the new seal to front of the washing machine, with the retaining band on. Please note that these steps are a rough guide and they may vary depending on the make and model of your washing machine. Remember, safety first, always switch off your appliance at the mains when carrying out appliance maintenance.  Any associated problems? Build-up of bacteria in your door seal is becoming a common problem now that we wash at lower temperatures. This is because bacteria are not being killed off as effectively and this result is mildew and black marks on the door seal. Regular cleaning and using the right detergent can prevent bacteria build-up and ensure your appliance is hygienically clean. It is recommended that you put the empty machine on a hot cycle once a month to help remove any build up. Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model. Specification:

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