Drum Lifter

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This replacement Drum Lifter is an easy to fit replacement part. It will ensure that your Washing Machine continues to wash at its optimal performance, producing cleaner cloths. Find out more about drum paddles below:

What does the washing machine drum paddle do?
The drum paddle or drum lifter in your washing machine is a triangular prism shaped piece of plastic with holes in, although on some models they can be metal. It fits on the inside of the drum where you place your clothes, circulating them correctly. There are typically 3 or 4 in the machine, and they are the raised attachments that you can remove to check for missed socks and other items that can slip into the crevices of the drum.

Is the drum lifter causing the problem?
The following faults typically indicate a problem with the drum paddle:

o    One of the paddles has come out in the washing
o    The drum paddle has smashed or cracked
o    Your clothes are getting ripped during the wash.
*Remember that a broken drum paddle may not be the only fault that can cause these issues to arise.

Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.

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