Poly-Vee Drive Belt 1965 H6

Code: 594851
10,66 EUR

If your tumble dryer's drum no longer rotates, chances are the drum drive belt may have snapped leaving you with a pile of damp clothes! The drive belt loops around your tumble dryer's drum and from the idler pulley to the motor pulley. Tension is then applied to the belt with a tensioner spring connected to the idler pulley, which moves and adjusts while the drum is turning. This constant movement causes the belt to eventually wear out, requiring a replacement. The Poly-V Belt, or Ribbed Belt as it is also known, resembles a flat belt – but with V-shaped ribs along the inside surface for increased friction force between the pulley and the belt. This genuine replacement belt is perfect if the current belt on your tumble dryer has snapped or worn out. Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model. Specification:

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