FreshCare+ with Steam

with Steam

100% Freshness even if you forget to unload.

6TH SENSE Technology
The intelligence behind outstanding washing results

6TH SENSE Technology automatically detects the size and type of load and chooses the best washing parameters to deliver optimal results, as well as resource optimization. Once the user selects the desired programme, the washing machine uses sensors and algorithms to recognize the amount of laundry and fabric type and to automatically adapt temperature, water level, and motor torque accordingly. This ensures perfect washing along with efficiency in terms of time, energy and water saving.



Thanks to the FreshCare+ option, laundry stays fresh for hours after the end of the cycle*. The action of steam and gentle oscillations of the drum prevent the proliferation of bad odours and avoids the fixing of creases on the fabric.

(*) FreshCare+ thanks to delicate steaming and tumbling action inhibits the proliferation of the main bad odour sources (inside the washing machine) for up to 6 hours after the washing ends. Not compatible with programmes designed for delicate garments and duvets.

FreshCare +


SteamRefresh regenerates the freshness of your garments avoiding unnecessary washing. In this special cycle, the washer generates a flow of steam that penetrates into the fibers, removing unpleasant smells, relaxing fibers and smoothing creases. Clothes are ready to wear again in just 20 minutes.



Once the SteamHygiene option is activated, steam will fill the drum keeping its temperature at 70 - 80 °C for 20 minutes. This treatment removes up to 99.9% of the most common bacteria without any kind of additives*. Ideal for sensitive skins, and good for the environment as well.

(*) tested by Allergy UK on Cotton 40°C, Synthetic 40°C and Bed Linen 60°C programs with Steam option activated.



Soft Move

During the washing cycle, the new Soft Move system performs 6 tailored drum movements for outstanding performances.


The Clean+ option allows to customize the wash cycle choosing between 3 levels of dirt to perfectly clean up all types of soil.

SenseInverter Motor

This brushless motor is highly energy efficient and offers up to 30% of saving compared with A+++ energy class.


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